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Privacy policy of the I-BUS App

In this privacy policy you will be informed about which data is used by the I-BUS App and how and why it is used.

Provider/developer of the app

Adrian Kittner
Bernhardstraße 41
09126 Chemnitz
E-Mail: info@ibus-app.de

App permissions and usage

USB host connection:
To access the USB interface/module, the app must be able to establish a USB connection to the interface/module. The authorization for access must be confirmed in a separate dialog. Without this authorization, communication between the vehicle and the app is not possible.

Status of mobile and Wifi data connection:
Required to check if the device is currently connected to the Internet.

Current location via GPS/networks:
GPS information, such as address, altitude, speed and compass, and the calculation of current vehicle performance, uses data about the current location.

Internet usage:
An active Internet connection is required to activate the I-BUS App, check for updates and to determine the address. It also connects to the Internet to send emails and crash reports to the developer.

Notification access:
To show you the current navigation instructions as well as some track information about the currently playing music, access to your notifications is required.

Read and write external memory:
With the I-BUS App light sequences and settings can be exported and imported. In addition, an update downloaded from the app is started in the external memory and configuration files of the "Deep OBD" app can be read in.

Installation from unknown sources:
Required for an automatic installation of an update of the app.

Display over other apps:
To display the PDC information while the app is not in the foreground, we need this permission.
Modify audio settings:
The app offers the possibility to change the volume of the device and to output warning signals.

Read boot status:
After a system boot, the system sends a signal that can be used by apps. The I-BUS App can be started automatically by this signal.

Data transferred during activation process

To activate the app, the vehicle identification number of the vehicle is read and checked in a database on our server. The device ID, Android and App versions are also transferred and assigned to their user names. Data transmission is encrypted.

Sending crash reports

By sending crash reports after the app crashes, you help the developer to fix crashes. Information about your device, the error log, the app settings and a part of the app log would be send. This data is necessary to correct an error effectively in a short time.

Personal data

Your data will be stored securely on our server and will not be passed on to third parties without your consent. Except for activation, your data is used for internal evaluations. The data stored in the database as a result of activation will remain stored for as long as you use our app. You have the right to receive information about the data we have stored about you, to have us make changes to your data and to request the deletion of your data. After deletion of your data, use of our app is no longer possible. Crash reports are deleted automatically after 30 days.